Driving Licence Certification

Eye test certificate for driving licence

We are glad to provide specialised services designed to fulfil the needs of individuals seeking an eye test certificate for driving licence. Your journey to obtaining or renewing your driving license is an exciting one, and at Devas Eye Clinic, we're here to ensure your vision aligns with the safety standards for driving. Our driving license certification services are designed to give you the confidence you need behind the wheel. Our clinic is equipped with modern facilities and advanced diagnostic tools to conduct comprehensive eye tests specifically tailored to meet the standards set for driving license applications.

Why Choose Us

Our eye clinic is staffed with experienced and skilled eye care professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your vision meets the standards required for safe driving

Corrective Measures

If the examination reveals that you don’t meet the required vision standards for driving, corrective measures may be suggested. This typically involves prescribing corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) to enhance your vision to the required levels.


Once you’ve successfully met the vision requirements for driving, your eye care professional will provide you with a certification stating that you meet the necessary standards. This certification is essential for obtaining or renewing your driving license.

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